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What is Rustic Terrazzo?

There are different types of terrazzo systems available. The great thing about terrazzo is that the material is adaptable to both indoor and outdoor settings. If you are seeking terrazzo that can be specifically used in the outdoors, then rustic terrazzo is the system you will want to use. What is Rustic Terrazzo? The main difference [...]

DIY Terrazzo Crafts To Try This Holiday

Feeling the rush of getting a last-minute gift this holiday season? Or do you simply want to try something new? Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo has found Do-It-Yourself Projects that you might enjoy. Today terrazzo is more than just flooring. The style is showing up everywhere from furniture, clothing, product design, and home decor. If you like [...]

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Terrazzo Durability: Decades of Performance

Overview of Terrazzo Through the years terrazzo has been a versatile building material known for its durability, design and low maintenance, and is used to design decorative flooring systems, walls, and other applications. Terrazzo is divided into two categories: epoxy terrazzo and cementitious terrazzo, both durable surfaces. Terrazzo gets its roots in Italy during [...]

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Hotel Bar Designs that Enhance the Customer Experience

When you visit a bar or restaurant, how can a business deliver a great experience for you? We'll take a look at how some interior elements factor into creating a unique environment for a hotel bar setting.   What Customers Are Seeking in a Hotel Bar Design When designing a hospitality space, it is important [...]

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Retail Design Spotlight: Terrazzo at Dylan’s Candy Bar

Brands today focus on providing the best experience possible for their customers. For many retail stores, attracting customers into the store and leaving them with a lasting impression is a primary goal. For Dylan's Candy Bar, its retail experience is like no other. The company offers the largest candy selection to its customers while immersing [...]

Case Study: Installing Epoxy Terrazzo at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Airports are among the places where terrazzo is installed today. For the Destination CLT initiative, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo was on board to add epoxy terrazzo throughout the Concourse A expansions. Terrazzo adds elegance, durability and low maintenance, and today Charlotte Douglas International Airport ranks among the airports improving the passenger experience with its new [...]

Terrazzo Samples Overview

Terrazzo Samples Overview When designing for a terrazzo project, samples play a major role in the decision process. Architects and designers can create custom samples, and then compare which ones best meet their design needs. Today terrazzo has seen a revival. Architects are exploring more options than ever before. Terrazzo is known for its design [...]

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Installing Terrazzo – General Installation Procedures

Installing Terrazzo - General Installation Procedures Bringing durability, design, and low maintenance together, terrazzo is a one-of-a-kind building material used in many applications today. However, installing terrazzo is no walk in the park. Professional installation is recommended when adding terrazzo to any residential or commercial construction project. As a professional terrazzo installer in the Southern [...]

Why Hospitals Choose Terrazzo Flooring?

Why Hospitals Choose Terrazzo Flooring?   Hospitals are transforming. Patients, medical staff, and hospital visitors all get a better experience with terrazzo. When entering a hospital, it almost feels like stepping into a hospitality-like environment. Hospitals installed with terrazzo flooring create a warm and welcoming environment for its patients and visitors. For this blog, we'll [...]

Terrazzo: A Timeless Trend

The Terrazzo Trend Terrazzo originated back in the 15th century, growing in popularity in the 1920s in America and then fading away by the 1970s. Yet terrazzo has resurfaced as one of today's global design trends. Terrazzo has a new outlook. The terrazzo seen today is much different than the terrazzo seen back in the [...]

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