The Terrazzo Trend

Terrazzo originated back in the 15th century, growing in popularity in the 1920s in America and then fading away by the 1970s. Yet terrazzo has resurfaced as one of today’s global design trends. Terrazzo has a new outlook. The terrazzo seen today is much different than the terrazzo seen back in the 1970s. Here are things you should know about the terrazzo trend:

  • Terrazzo is installed everywhere today. From schools, airports, and hotels, architects and designers review terrazzo specifications for their projects because of the material’s sustainability, durability, and flexible design options.
  • Epoxy terrazzo is the system to use which benefits many buildings with faster installations, cost-effective materials, and enhanced artistic appeal. Experts in the terrazzo industry expect epoxy terrazzo to supersede cement terrazzo installations in the next ten years.
  • Widely known as a flooring material, terrazzo is no longer subjected to being just that. Innovations in terrazzo allow terrazzo to take the form of staircases, tabletops, wall surfaces and more. Designers continuously experiment with the material creating products like jewelry and furniture made out of terrazzo.

Terrazzo Trend - Epoxy Terrazzo Installation

Components of a Terrazzo Floor

Let’s examine a terrazzo floor. Traditionally terrazzo flooring consisted of marble chips set in cement binder and polished into a smooth floor finish. Today terrazzo surfaces can take the shape of anything you like. Epoxy terrazzo is versatile, allowing designers to create a masterpiece with the surface. Designers have more colors to work with and can use decorative aggregates like recycled glass, mother of pearl, plastic, and metal chips.

Divider strips are laid across the form to create the design pattern of the floor, which is easily poured with the epoxy terrazzo then ground down, polished and sealed for a smooth and glistening surface. Logos and artwork add to the visual appeal of terrazzo.

Terrazzo Trend - Terrazzo Flooring

Timeless Beauty for Years

One of the benefits of terrazzo floors is ease of maintenance through the years. Terrazzo is easy to clean. Many commercial buildings like airports, schools, and shopping centers experience high amounts of foot traffic daily. Because terrazzo is easy to clean, the floors retain their color and luster each and every day with regular routine cleanings. No replacements needed as well. This means a terrazzo floor can look as good as new decades down the line

Think of all the places where terrazzo is seen today? Terrazzo is often associated with a luxurious feel with its high-end finish, but it is, in fact, a cost-effective flooring system for any location in the world looking for a functional and aesthetically-pleasing floor that lasts for years.

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