The design possibilities are endless. From multicolor floor patterns to custom logo designs, a terrazzo floor is a custom floor solution for everyone. 

Terrazzo consists of either standard or venetian chips set in concrete and polished to a smooth finish. Mixed with any color epoxy, terrazzo is made of marble, glass, shells and specialty aggregates. At Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo, our design experts will help plan out the design in the early stages locating the right materials for the project. Afterward, our installers will offer a high-quality floor installation that matches the floor plan.

university of alabama terrazzo flooring


Build your brand with a memorable floor design

North Carolina State University Terrazzo Logo

North Carolina State University


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TERRAZZCO Brand Products

Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo works with local manufacturers to produce terrazzo samples for architects and designers. TERRAZZCO® Brand Products supplies specified materials for any project. Head over to the TERRAZZCO® Brand Products website to submit a terrazzo design request. Samples are the start of the design process. With many possible outcomes, which design will you choose?

Georgia White Marble Terrazzo Design
White Terrazzo Sample with Azure Blue Glass Chips
Red Terrazzo Sample Design
Brown Terrazzo Sample
Clear White Glass Terrazzo Sample
Mother of Pearl Terrazzo
Recycled Blue Glass Terrazzo Sample
Dark Grey Terrazzo Sample with light tones
Black Glass Terrazzo Sample
Grey Terrazzo Sample Design with Mother of Pearl
Glass Terrazzo Sample
Terrazzo Sample Design
White and Black Terrazzo Sample Design
Tan terrazzo sample design with white and black marble chips
Teal Terrazzo Sample Design with recycled clear glass
Black Terrazzo Sample Design