Terrazzo Samples Overview

Terrazzo Samples Overview When designing for a terrazzo project, samples play a major role in the decision process. Architects and designers can create custom samples, and then compare which ones best meet their design needs. Today terrazzo has seen a revival. Architects are exploring more options than ever before. Terrazzo is known for its design [...]

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Why Terrazzo Logos are Good for Business

First impressions can lead to lasting impressions. From the moment a person walks through the doors of a business, owners hope to retain customers. By providing the ultimate experience, business owners can build a better relationship with their customers. Business owners can start by focusing on a building's interiors. Owners can reap the benefits of [...]

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Tips For Designing Terrazzo Floors

Lots of people come to us at Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo asking for help designing their terrazzo floors, so I decided we should share a few of our best tips. Just take these into consideration when sketching out those floor designs and you should have a masterpiece in no time. 1 Keep an open mind [...]

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The Designs You Can Create With Terrazzo

Terrazzo flooring is known for its timeless beauty. The material is vibrant, glossy and colorful. Architects today love using terrazzo for their projects because they have so much flexibility in planning the floor's design. They can use materials such as marble and granite chips, Mother of Pearl or even glass chips to create a design never [...]

Wayfinding: Finding Your Way with Terrazzo

Each person "knows" their way around a building. However, for first-time visitors, learning how to navigate throughout a space can leave them confused and frustrated. Wayfinding Systems To get people from point A to point B, buildings today use wayfinding systems, making it more convenient for anyone to reach their destination. In fact, wayfinding systems [...]

Creating an Interacting Design with Terrazzo

Design Flexibility of Terrazzo There is so much you can design with terrazzo. Many schools tend to merge the school’s mascot on the walls or floor while using the school’s branded colors for an interactive design. But for some instances, terrazzo can go beyond a school’s logo and colors to intrigue young minds. As students walk [...]

Why Designers are Using Terrazzo

Take a look around you. Today terrazzo is emerging not only in our homes but in commercial areas such as restaurants, airports, and schools. Some folks may not have experienced how fascinating terrazzo can really be. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is here to provide this experience. For architects and designers, using terrazzo gives them exponential ideas to [...]

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Terrazzo: “Green” Flooring

What would St. Patrick's Day be without the color green. In this blog, we will focus the attributes that make terrazzo a "green" floor, as well as display some installation photos where green in present in the floor's design. Let's get started. Why wear green on St. Patrick's Day? Before we jump right into our [...]

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10 University Terrazzo Logos You Should See

Getting into a university is a milestone in itself. For students, their career outlook seems bright as they walk the hallways of their prestigious universities. As a result, universities across the world are finding ways to create the most engaging atmosphere for its faculty and students. Most universities have turned to terrazzo flooring contractors to [...]

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10 Projects with Interesting Terrazzo Designs

Terrazzo can create captivating designs. Whether you want a floor that is simple and modern or creative with all types of graphics and shapes, terrazzo has you covered. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo worked on some amazing projects over the years. Here are 10 terrazzo projects with interesting designs that we believe you will enjoy. 1. Mango's Tropical [...]

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