Terrazzo flooring remains an ideal solution for maintaining a healthy building. The seamless style of flooring when poured in place does not support microbial growth. Terrazzo prevents all types of bacterial growth and moisture buildup. As a sustainable flooring option, terrazzo floors contain zero VOC materials that exhibit no off-gassing during the installation process and the finished product.

Hospitals can benefits from the virtually limitless design capabilities and an unlimited color pallet that terrazzo provides. These beautiful and functional designs can act as directional aids for patients or provide an inviting atmosphere for all who visit a healthcare facility. Due to the seamless nature of terrazzo, it can assist in creating a quieter environment or easier accessibility for patients in wheelchairs or walk with crutches. If you are seeking the right flooring option for a hospital or healthcare facility, you cannot go wrong with terrazzo. View some of Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo’s Healthcare projects below: