What is Rustic Terrazzo?

There are different types of terrazzo systems available. The great thing about terrazzo is that the material is adaptable to both indoor and outdoor settings. If you are seeking terrazzo that can be specifically used in the outdoors, then rustic terrazzo is the system you will want to use. What is Rustic Terrazzo? The main difference [...]

Installing Terrazzo – General Installation Procedures

Installing Terrazzo - General Installation Procedures Bringing durability, design, and low maintenance together, terrazzo is a one-of-a-kind building material used in many applications today. However, installing terrazzo is no walk in the park. Professional installation is recommended when adding terrazzo to any residential or commercial construction project. As a professional terrazzo installer in the Southern [...]

Terrazzo Improves Indoor Air Quality

Clean air does not harm the environment nor does it cause a trigger of health issues. Building materials like terrazzo are beneficial for new construction and restoration projects seeking to improve overall indoor air quality. The repercussions of poor air quality Breathing in low-quality air can be detrimental to us all. It can lead to [...]

Moisture Mitigation: Dealing with Moisture Issues in Terrazzo Flooring

Moisture mitigation is a process that reduces the negative impacts of excess water transpiring from a concrete slab. It's an important issue that occurs in many flooring options, especially terrazzo. In an age where construction projects are fast-tracked, moisture-related issues are arising. And the results are not pretty. Moisture can lead to problems later in [...]

Advantages of Thin-Set Epoxy

Did you know there are different terrazzo systems available? Each system has its own use, but today we at Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo will discuss how thin-set epoxy has advantages over other types of terrazzo. Advantages of Thin-Set Epoxy Durability Epoxy terrazzo is the best thin-set system available today. Other thin-set systems include monolithic terrazzo [...]

How Do I to Clean Terrazzo?

Clean a terrazzo floor with a few simple steps. Floors can cover a large surface area in commercial and residential properties; therefore, it is essential to choose a floor that is easy to clean and maintain over time. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is here to offer tips on how to properly maintain a terrazzo floor. Accidents happen. [...]

3 Reasons to Consider Terrazzo Flooring

When you think of floors, terrazzo may not be the first option that comes to mind. For years, carpet, hardwood, and tile have dominated the commercial flooring industry. Terrazzo is not the most common flooring system today but has become one of the most valuable flooring systems. Here are 3 reasons to consider terrazzo flooring. Reason [...]

Behind the Scenes: Terrazzo Installation Process

Follow us on Social Media: Going behind the scenes of the terrazzo installation process As one of the oldest and most beautiful flooring materials available today, terrazzo installations have increased in recent years in homes, schools, airports and other commercial spaces. As an alternative flooring choice in commercial projects, terrazzo offers architects with an [...]

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