Case Study: Installing Epoxy Terrazzo at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Airports are among the places where terrazzo is installed today. For the Destination CLT initiative, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo was on board to add epoxy terrazzo throughout the Concourse A expansions. Terrazzo adds elegance, durability and low maintenance, and today Charlotte Douglas International Airport ranks among the airports improving the passenger experience with its new [...]

Why Hospitals Choose Terrazzo Flooring?

Why Hospitals Choose Terrazzo Flooring?   Hospitals are transforming. Patients, medical staff, and hospital visitors all get a better experience with terrazzo. When entering a hospital, it almost feels like stepping into a hospitality-like environment. Hospitals installed with terrazzo flooring create a warm and welcoming environment for its patients and visitors. For this blog, we'll [...]

Terrazzo: A Timeless Trend

The Terrazzo Trend Terrazzo originated back in the 15th century, growing in popularity in the 1920s in America and then fading away by the 1970s. Yet terrazzo has resurfaced as one of today's global design trends. Terrazzo has a new outlook. The terrazzo seen today is much different than the terrazzo seen back in the [...]

Creating Outstanding Schools: Terrazzo’s Role in Good Design

A goal of any school is to provide the best education for its students. Schools find ways to build functional spaces, but also look into ways to increase student engagement through design. Today schools are more than just buildings. They are viewed as a community. Good design can facilitate a sense of belonging. By having [...]

Terrazzo Restoration: Miller Theater Reborn

The newly renovated Miller Theater opened its doors to the public after three decades of vacancy. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo worked with construction company The Chistman Company and Lord Aeck & Sargent Architects to repolish the existing terrazzo floor found by the theater's entrance. The renovation project, located in Augusta, Georgia, spanned more than seven years and [...]

Terrazzo Year in Review 2017

Terrazzo continues to emerge onto the scene in 2017, becoming a building material trend for construction projects around the world. Terrazzo will continue to remain popular amongst architects and building professionals next year. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo will cover some of this year's terrazzo highlights as well as showcase some of our projects completed in educational, commercial, [...]

Polar Bears and Terrazzo – Oh My!

Going to the zoo is a fun trip for the whole family. Nowhere else will you see exotic animals from all around the world.  There's so much to see - from giraffes, lions, polar bears, and more. This is one trip that is sure to create lasting memories. Today the North Carolina Zoo is the [...]

First Impressions: Lobby Areas with Terrazzo Flooring

Lobbies have transformed over the years. No longer do lobbies serve as a waiting area for guests. Instead, lobbies have become a centerpiece of the customer experience - creating a first and lasting impression through modern design.  Hotels especially have used design elements over the years to create a space that not only impresses its visitors but [...]

Back to School Terrazzo

Back to School Nothing is more important than a good education. With many students stepping back into the classrooms, there might be a little surprise waiting for them when they arrive. New construction projects and school renovations are adding a bit of terrazzo to their school's floor plan, in hopes of creating an enriched learning [...]

Installing a Terrazzo Design: Carolina Park Elementary School

Carolina Park Elementary School is a new construction project involving the installation of an elaborate terrazzo design. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo installed the terrazzo floor, which illustrates images of a tree with acorns hanging from the branches. The floor is an example of the design possibilities of epoxy terrazzo. Today schools consider epoxy terrazzo not only [...]

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