There are different types of terrazzo systems available. The great thing about terrazzo is that the material is adaptable to both indoor and outdoor settings. If you are seeking terrazzo that can be specifically used in the outdoors, then rustic terrazzo is the system you will want to use.

What is Rustic Terrazzo?

The main difference between rustic terrazzo and other terrazzo systems is the texture. Most terrazzo systems have a smooth and seamless surface. However, cementitious terrazzo has a more rough surface that is suitable for harsh weather conditions. The textured surface helps prevents slips and falls.

Rustic Terrazzo

Where To Apply Rustic Terrazzo?

So where exactly can an installer apply this terrazzo system? Swimming pools are among the most common places for rustic terrazzo. Other outdoor areas like stairs, patios, walkways, and garages are other commercial areas for this application.

What are the Specifications?

According to the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association, this system is available with a bonded and monolithic terrazzo system.  With a bonded terrazzo system, there is a 1.75″ to 2″ thickness that includes a 0.5″ terrazzo topping. With a monolithic terrazzo system, there is a 0.5″ terrazzo topping.

Why Consider Rustic Terrazzo?

As you know by now, terrazzo is durable, beautiful and affordable. Many outdoor surfaces tend to crack after a few years and look bland overall. Rustic terrazzo can provide locations with a wide range of textures, patterns, and colors to choose from, which can dramatically change how the exterior space looks.

Epoxy terrazzo is the best system to use for indoor applications; however, does not suit outdoor applications. Epoxy terrazzo exposed to ultraviolet rays may cause colors to fade over time.

Custom terrazzo bench

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