Airports – Terrazzo Installations

Airports remain one of the busiest places all year long. Around a million travelers fly on a plane each day. Today new airport construction, expansions, and renovations are being constructed all over the world on a massive scale. Terrazzo flooring meets most, if not all factors that architects and designers are seeking. Terrazzo floors are durable, sustainable, and offer design flexibility. The seamless surface that terrazzo creates helps travelers manage luggage and equipment more effectively. Flexible designs can help guide travelers to the correct terminals or offer a canvas for art. Today Art-In-Public-Places programs have showcased artists’ work to thousands of travelers every day.

Airports have the goal in mind to deliver the very best customer experience possible. From the moment a traveler arrives until the time that they have reached their destination, the terrazzo installation can factor in with the overall satisfaction of customers. From concourses, terminals, restrooms, and restaurants, you may begin the notice a change in airport design. Terrazzo can play an important role in terms of sustainability, design, and floor maintenance for airports over the years.

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