Designing Terrazzo Samples for Projects

Terrazzo Samples Overview

When designing for a terrazzo project, samples play a major role in the decision process. Architects and designers can create custom samples, and then compare which ones best meet their design needs.

Today terrazzo has seen a revival. Architects are exploring more options than ever before. Terrazzo is known for its design flexibility, creating remarkable flooring surfaces out of chips of marble, quartz, glass, granite and other materials set in either a cementitious or epoxy binder.

Architects and designers alike have used terrazzo in residential and commercial settings for its long-lasting and stunning results. Today terrazzo is commonly installed in places such as schools, airports, hospitals, restaurants, office headquarters, and other commercial buildings.

Epoxy terrazzo emerged over decades, offering a wider selection of colors that can be used in the overall terrazzo design. Epoxy terrazzo is notable for being generally stronger and more durable than cementitious terrazzo. Epoxy terrazzo is also thinner and lighter.

Terrazzo companies like Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo assist architects, designers and other construction professionals in creating a great design for their projects. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo works with manufacturers to develop a new terrazzo sample from scratch or takes a control sample from a previous project and creates an entirely new sample that matches both the aggregates and colors shown in the existing sample.

As terrazzo continues to trend today, architects can request samples to better understand the material. There is a different combination of aggregates and epoxy resin colors made available so anyone can find a design they can invest in.

Architects can use their senses to evaluate the material, even finding new design possibilities for a project’s design. Once a sample has been approved, it will be expanded to fit the intended space during the installation process.

From start to finish, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo guides architects and designers as they explore the advantages of epoxy terrazzo. Terrazzo samples are handled with care. All samples are custom made, starting from the selection of materials which will then be poured, grind and polished, and sealed, then finished as the manufacturer ships the sample.

So which terrazzo sample with catch your eye? The possibilities are endless.