Why Hospitals Choose Terrazzo Flooring?


Hospitals are transforming. Patients, medical staff, and hospital visitors all get a better experience with terrazzo. When entering a hospital, it almost feels like stepping into a hospitality-like environment. Hospitals installed with terrazzo flooring create a warm and welcoming environment for its patients and visitors. For this blog, we’ll discuss how hospitals choose terrazzo flooring in lowering maintenance costs, creating an aesthetically pleasing design, and controlling infections.


Color & Design

Aesthetics play a major factor when selecting a hospital flooring. Choosing terrazzo flooring for hospital settings is a great choice as thin-set epoxy terrazzo, in particular, allows architects and general contractors the flexibility to design a space any way they choose.

Terrazzo floors are an art in itself, consisting of marble, glass and other aggregates joined in an epoxy binder.

Epoxy terrazzo enhances hospital spaces with an array of color choices, as well as the option to create detailed floor patterns and designs.

Terrazzo Floor Design at South Bay Hospital

Thin-set epoxy terrazzo is making strides in today’s healthcare construction projects not only admired for its design features but also its long-term durability and low maintenance.

Lobby areas are commonplace to find terrazzo. This is due to the high amounts of incoming and outgoing traffic daily. Hospitals require a floor that can withstand the continuous flow of traffic without the need to replace the floor in later years. As terrazzo is seamless, durable, and easily maintained, it is ideal for lobby areas, and with its high sheen levels, they are noticeable among hospital visitors entering the building.

Hospitals can also use color psychology to target patients. The use of vibrant colors and imagery is well suited to children. The choice of colors and playful graphics makes them feel more comfortable and less anxious prior to getting a check-up.

Logo Design

Hospitals can even draw more attention to their terrazzo floors with either a logo or a unique floor design.

A terrazzo design can help in hospital performance as a floor’s pattern and colors can lead people in the right direction. Wayfinding systems make it easier for visitors to get from point A to point B by using visual cues.


Alamance Medical Center Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring Installation

Because terrazzo is nonporous, it does not support the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. This keeps hospitals sanitary, reducing the risk of infections. Thus terrazzo can keep patient rooms, hallways, and restrooms hygienic. Also, there is no need to wax a terrazzo floor as it will build up bacteria. It is best practice to clean a terrazzo floor daily to remove foreign matter and keep the hospital stain-free.

Sustainable Option

Epoxy terrazzo floors use zero VOC epoxy resins. This means that there is little to no off-gassing over the lifetime of a cured floor. As a result, this helps create a healthier atmosphere as terrazzo floors support improved indoor air quality. There are many sources of recycled content found during the composition of a  terrazzo floor. From the aggregates, epoxy resins, and divider strips, a terrazzo floor can help architects with obtaining LEED credits for use of recycled content or use of regional materials.


Many building material selections are based on costs. Architects will use a high-end product if it meets all their design and performance needs while giving them long-term value. Terrazzo does exactly that. With terrazzo, hospital facilities save with terrazzo mainly from the maintenance and lifecycle costs.

Design consultants can help architects select terrazzo materials that cut down initial costs, but in terms of long-term value, epoxy terrazzo has the lowest lifecycle cost of any flooring material available. Terrazzo can last longer than most healthcare building themselves with few replacements and repairs in between.

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