When you visit a bar or restaurant, how can a business deliver a great experience for you? We’ll take a look at how some interior elements factor into creating a unique environment for a hotel bar setting.


What Customers Are Seeking in a Hotel Bar Design

When designing a hospitality space, it is important to first understand the customer.

The most important goal of designing a restaurant bar is appealing to the customer. Hotel and restaurant owners should focus on delivering an amazing experience that brings back customers. How can owners achieve this?

When visiting a local bar, customers select venues that suit their preferences. Whether they engage in a couple of their favorite drinks or enjoy socializing with others, each customer values a relaxed experience.  People have to feel relaxed. They have to feel they have accessibility around a space to order food and drinks or to talk with others. They also want to feel welcomed. That is where service and a bar’s design can play a key role in customer satisfaction.


Citrus Club Terrazzo Logo

Think about Space Constraints

Building owners will need to figure out how much space is allocated for their employees to work. Everything should be measured to create blueprints that help in understanding where certain elements can go and which might not fit in the scheme of things.  Once a blueprint is approved, business owners can shop for furniture and decor that customers will enjoy.



When designing a bar space, safety is paramount for both the staff and the customers. Building owners must consider creating enough space for people to move around. Servicing bar rails and having ample lighting can make a big difference in preventing accidents in hospitality settings.


Think About First Impressions in Your Hotel Bar Lobby

The entrance creates the first impression for customers. This is an area of a bar that should be inviting and sets the tone for the space. Restaurant and hotel owners can include comfortable seating for those waiting, immaculate floor and lighting designs, and even statues and art displays.


There are many different concoctions of elements that can deliver a memorable experience for customers. Let’s take a look at one of our terrazzo projects and how the building owner brainstormed ideas to establish his bar design.










Hotel Bar Case Study: Citrus Club at The Dewberry Charleston

John Dewberry, the owner of The Dewberry in Charleston, South Carolina, added a tropical rooftop lounge on the hotel’s eighth floor. Citrus Club was inspired by Dewberry’s travels along the coast of Italy and France. When planning the design of the Citrus Club, Dewberry worked with the design team at Workstead to develop a custom blend of terrazzo for the hotel bar flooring and countertop while adding vintage style chairs around the space.


At the beginning of the project’s development, Dewberry hand-drew a slice of citrus fruit which later converted into a neon sign made out of terrazzo located at the entrance of the hotel bar. When the hotel opened in 2016, the neon sign is seen by everyone entering the Citrus Club. It is a nice touch added by the owner meant to be warm and inviting towards guests.


Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo, Inc. was the terrazzo contractor for the Citrus Club project installing epoxy terrazzo flooring and a terrazzo bartop. Terrazzo is well-known today for use in hospitality projects for its durability, design, and ease of maintenance.


How terrazzo countertops and flooring create a unique hotel bar experience

Bar and restaurant owners often seek epoxy terrazzo for their building design as the building material has positive impacts on brands. Logos and signage can be crafted and featured in any area of the building, often the lobby area. The bartop is made from precast terrazzo manufactured by TERRAZZCO Brand Products. Precast terrazzo is manufactured in an off-site location and transported to a construction project for installation. Along with other interior design selections, the epoxy terrazzo flooring and bartop come together to make this a bar space customers can enjoy. Today customers can enjoy the highest viewpoint in Charleston while enjoying exquisite cuisine and cocktails.