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Why Designers are Using Terrazzo

Take a look around you. Today terrazzo is emerging not only in our homes but in commercial areas such as restaurants, airports, and schools. Some folks may not have experienced how fascinating terrazzo can really be. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is here to provide this experience. For architects and designers, using terrazzo gives them exponential ideas to [...]

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Terrazzo Around the World: St. Peter’s Basilica

We make our next stop in our Terrazzo Around the World series at the St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, Italy. Terrazzo has been around for centuries, adding prestige to some of the world's most famous landmarks such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hoover Dam, and George Washington's Mt. Vernon Estates. But in this [...]

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Terrazzo Techniques: Applying a Thin-Set Terrazzo Topping Over Existing Terrazzo

According to the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association, epoxy terrazzo is the best "thin-set" system available. Today epoxy terrazzo has its advantages over other terrazzo systems. At a nominal 1/4" or 3/8" thickness, epoxy terrazzo produces smooth seamless and non-porous flooring that is quick to install, more durable and crack-resistant than other flooring materials, and [...]

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Terrazzo Techniques: Maintaining Rustic Terrazzo

In this blog, we will discuss how to maintain a rustic terrazzo floor over the years. Rustic terrazzo is a unique terrazzo system that is installed for exterior applications, quite different from the terrazzo systems which are installed indoors. You can read more about this system in an earlier blog: "What is Rustic Terrazzo" When [...]

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Terrazzo Techniques: Installing Epoxy Terrazzo in Restrooms

In this edition of Terrazzo Techniques, we will look at renovating restrooms to install new epoxy terrazzo floors or refinishing existing terrazzo floors. Please watch the terrazzo installation video below, with images provided by one of our project managers. It showcases one of Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo's recent restroom renovations. Modern Bathrooms Today Modern [...]

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George Mason University – Science & Technology II

George Mason University - Science & Technology II Fairfax, Virginia Area: 9,549 square feet Scope: Epoxy, Aluminum Strips If science textbooks could daydream, their thoughts would look like this terrazzo design. Whether it is the dynamic lettering that greets the young minds entering the Science and Technology II building, the helical DNA details [...]

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Fort Myers Beach Library

Fort Myers Beach Library Fort Myers, Florida Scope: Epoxy   A marine inspired design welcomes people as they enter the Fort Myers Beach Library It was our pleasure to work with Harvard Jolly Architecture and Manhattan Kraft Construction. Follow us on Social Media: 

USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital

USA Children's and Women's Hospital Mobile, Alabama Scope: Epoxy The patients at USA Children's and Women's Hospital encounter waves, swirls, and dots in the playful visual atmosphere of the hospital's halls. The variety of elements ties together with a predominately blue color scheme. The color palette consists of shades of blue, dark [...]

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