The Galera: Terrazzo History

Today terrazzo is faster to install due to advanced technology and products. But nearly a century ago, construction workers did not have a grinding or polishing machine to speed up the flooring process. Today we will talk about an old but important tool that paved the way for terrazzo. Today we will focus on a tool named the “Galera.”


Early Installation Methods

Terrazzo is one of the oldest green building materials to date. When the material was first created, marble slabs left an uneven surface. Therefore, construction workers decided to flatten out the surface with a hand stone. But you could only imagine that smoothing out the floor’s surface was a long and tedious process, enough to cause aches to the body. One day, the construction workers invented the galera, which allowed them to work in a more comfortable position.


The Galera

To describe the galera, it is basically a long handle tied to a stone at the end. With the tool, they could perform the installation at a faster rate using more of their body weight. The process is pretty simple. It was a pretty efficient means at a time when there was no electricity.


Today’s Tools

By the time 1924 arrived, the galera was eventually replaced with an even more efficient tool: an electric grinding machine. To this day, terrazzo installers use a grinding machine to form a smooth surface out of terrazzo. As new advancements followed, terrazzo has improved dramatically. Epoxies, along with new tools have only shortened the completion time of a terrazzo installation. And for many installers out on the field, they can appreciate these new technological advancements.


Installing Terrazzo

Today installers use various machines and tools to complete an epoxy terrazzo floor. These tools allow installers to cover large areas in shorter durations.

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