Terrazzo flooring is known for its timeless beauty. The material is vibrant, glossy and colorful. Architects today love using terrazzo for their projects because they have so much flexibility in planning the floor’s design. They can use materials such as marble and granite chips, Mother of Pearl or even glass chips to create a design never seen before.  Here are a few terrazzo designs that an architect can create.


Terrazzo was created by Venetian mosaic workers in the 15th Century. Mosaics are pieces of inlaid stone or glass that come together to create a  pattern. Terrazzo can produce complex geometric patterns, which can really be a highlight for any building.


Many schools and businesses like to include their logos with the terrazzo floors. It’s a branding technique, which helps give the floor an identity. Terrazzo can match any color in the artwork at a detailed level. Divider strips can be shaped in any direction, also separating any change of color in the design. The results are quite impressive.

Lakeside Junior High School Terrazzo Logo

Lakeside Junior High School


Today many Art in Public Place Programs allow artists to develop some creative finishes. With terrazzo, these artists work with architects to develop artwork that symbolizes a city’s culture and history.

Oakland Elementary School Terrazzo Graphic

Oakland Elementary School


Terrazzo can also work as a navigational tool. When new visitors enter a building, a compass design can help guide them where they want to go.

Terrazzo Compass

CNU Freeman Center

Free-Flowing Lines

Lines can also serve to help navigate people through a building. It also works to keep traffic flow.

Alamance Regional Center Free-Flowing Terrazzo Lines

Alamance Regional Medical Center


Seamless Floors

Not all terrazzo floors need to have a creative artwork. Designs can be seamless too. A clean simple design works wonders for any space as well.

Seamless Terrazzo Floors

Jackson County Courthouse

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