I’m sure you know that terrazzo is one of the most durable flooring choices out there.

This makes it an extremely popular choice for projects that will be expecting a lot of foot traffic, such as hospitals, schools, and airports.

Fort Lauderdale International Airport

But durability isn’t the only drawing factor when it comes to terrazzo.

Another major one?

Ease of maintenance.

What do you need to care for terrazzo?

A mop, a bucket of warm water, and a neutral floor cleaner.


Yeah, that’s it.

Terrazzo’s composition resists contamination from bacteria caused by dirt and other contagious materials, so an extremely thorough cleaning is not necessary to keep its hygienic and aesthetic qualities.

Another consideration is the lack of grout joints, which can get rid of bacteria, due to the fact that poured-in-place terrazzo is a seamless product.

Wake Forest University Farrell Hall

We also recommend applying an annual top coat once a year (or as needed) to make sure your terrazzo floor maintains its signature sheen.

Sound simple?

That’s because it is! That wraps up how to care for terrazzo flooring.

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