Did you know there are different terrazzo systems available? Each system has its own use, but today we at Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo will discuss how thin-set epoxy has advantages over other types of terrazzo.

Advantages of Thin-Set Epoxy


Epoxy terrazzo is the best thin-set system available today. Other thin-set systems include monolithic terrazzo and polyacrylate terrazzo. What makes Epoxy terrazzo better than monolithic and polyacrylate terrazzo? Epoxy terrazzo is more durable, crack resistant, cost-effective, and quicker to install than other terrazzo systems.

Faster Installation

The turnaround on the cure time for epoxy terrazzo is phenomenal. Whereas it would take only a day for epoxy terrazzo to cure, other terrazzo systems can take long until it is ready for polishing. That’s a big difference in duration.

Thinner and Lighter

Thin-set epoxy terrazzo is also thinner (hence the name) and lighter than other systems. Epoxy terrazzo has a ¼” to 3/8” thickness and weighs around 3 pounds per square foot. Other systems can weigh as much as 20 pounds per square foot with a thickness surpassing 2”.


Epoxy terrazzo surfaces are smooth, seamless, and non-porous. As a result, they are easy to clean and prohibits the growth of bacteria. The cleaning of the flooring is quite simple. Rinse a mop with water and a neutral cleaner to remove residue. This easy method works wonders for high-traffic areas such as schools, airports, and restaurants.

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