When you think of floors, terrazzo may not be the first option that comes to mind. For years, carpet, hardwood, and tile have dominated the commercial flooring industry. Terrazzo is not the most common flooring system today but has become one of the most valuable flooring systems. Here are 3 reasons to consider terrazzo flooring.

Reason 1: Low Maintenance

If you are looking to keep repair costs low over time, then there is no better option than terrazzo. All you really need is a mop, a bucket of warm water and a neutral cleaner to care for a terrazzo floor. Not many flooring options can match terrazzo’s durability. Expect to see minimal issues with cracking and stains over time. By applying a new sealer on occasion, it protects the floor from heavy wear and stains. Also, one of the best features about epoxy terrazzo is that it is a seamless floor. No need to worry about clearing out grout either.

Muller Road Middle School with Terrazzo Flooring

Reason 2: Environmentally Friendly

Another great feature of terrazzo is its sustainability. Made from recycled materials such as pre-consumer and post-consumer glass, terrazzo floors lives up to its reputation of preserving our planet. Some architects and designers are seeking LEED-certified materials to build their next building. One thing they will check is the volatile organic compound content for each floor. Terrazzo floors are VOC-free, meaning they hold 15 grams or lower in VOC components. When floors are VOC free, you can expect a better quality environment for people to thrive in. As a result, a flooring option like terrazzo can do wonders over a lifetime as it consumes fewer resources than other floors and promotes a healthier standard of living.

Reason 3: Endless Possibilities

When we refer to terrazzo as having endless possibilities, we really mean it. It is hard to find two projects that look similar. Designers have so many options to choose from when using terrazzo. Not only can they select a range of aggregates but the epoxy resins supply them with any color.  Depending on how the designer wants the space to look, he or she really has no excuse in finding the exact materials needed to execute the project. Terrazzo suits anyone with a brilliant design idea and wants to enact upon it.

Whether an architect or designer is working on a commercial or residential project, terrazzo can really turn out to be a highlight in his or her design portfolio. Terrazzo is durable, sustainable and beautiful. When comparing terrazzo to other flooring options, it is hard to pinpoint an area in which terrazzo cannot exceed in.

Terrazzo Floor Design at South Bay Hospital

There you have it. 3 Reasons to consider terrazzo as your next flooring option. Check out our portfolio page to see some of our latest terrazzo projects.

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