• Entrance of St. Joseph's Hospital
  • Terrazzo covers the entire waiting area of St. Joseph's Hospital
  • Terrazzo flooring installation at St. Joseph's Hospital
  • Precast terrazzo columns and floors installed in entrance lobby at St. Joseph's Hospital
  • Mother of Pearl terrazzo floors
  • St. Joseph's Hospital precast terrazzo columns with Mother of Pearl aggregate
  • Precast terrazzo columns at St. Joseph's Hospital
  • Outside St. Joseph's Hospital in Savannah Georgia
  • St. Joseph's Hospital


Savannah, Georgia


J.E. Dunn Construction


Batson Associates, Inc.

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St. Joseph’s Hospital in Savannah, Georgia was renovated in 2016 to improve the patient experience. To enhance the overall aesthetic image, new epoxy terrazzo flooring was installed in the main lobby of the building. 1,250 square feet of epoxy terrazzo was installed over the course of this project. What is most noticeable about the terrazzo’s design is the gorgeous Mother of Pearl aggregate, a seashell-based material seen in many terrazzo installations today. This hospital also includes custom precast cove base and 8 round terrazzo columns. One of the key improvements of this healthcare design was the addition of a moisture mitigation system, which will result in long-term health benefits for patients and hospital staff.

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