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  • Halifax Health Deltona Terrazzo Flooring in lobby of hospital
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  • Terrazzo floor details at Halifax Health Deltona
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Deltona, Florida


Perry McCall Construction, Inc.


Flad Architects

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Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo installed 1,000 square feet of epoxy terrazzo at the Halifax Health Center in Deltona, Florida. Using aluminum divider strips, the terrazzo construction installers developed a unique floor pattern that encompasses different geometric shapes coming at different angles of the room. The divider strips help separate the four epoxy colors used in the terrazzo design. The epoxy terrazzo floor installed in the lobby area will benefit the building the the years. Not only does the terrazzo floor present an inviting atmosphere for the hospital’s visitors, but the terrazzo is easily manageable. Along with the durability and design of terrazzo, terrazzo brings additional benefits such as its low noise volumes, a seamless floor transition to help guide patients with crutches or wheelchairs, and bacteria resistance to keep this environment healthy and clean.

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