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Burlington, North Carolina


Sterling Building Group, Inc.


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Alamance Regional Medical Center, located in Burlington, North Carolina is a private, not for profit, 238-bed hospital. The inclusion of the seamless terrazzo flooring throughout the hallways provides patients with a navigational guide to find their respective hospital department. The floor design consists of unique and recycled aggregates such as Clear Glass, Georgia White and Marble Dust matched with a blue epoxy color. The floor design is installed with 1/8″ aluminum divider strips, which gives the shape its distinct curved outline. By using recycled aggregates, Alamance Regional Medical Center has a sustainable floor that will last for years. The terrazzo floor contains zero VOC content, which improves the overall air quality in the facility. As a Because no out gassing is dispersed, doctors, patients and visitors can thrive in a healthier space. Overall, terrazzo is the perfect flooring choice for Alamance Regional Medical Center.

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