Creating the best customer experience possible is essential for retail stores. Today online shopping has become a phenomenon, allowing customers to shop at their convenience. But where does that leave the indoor experience?

Redesigning a store with terrazzo floors can give brands a competitive edge in the marketplace. It’s all about creating a lasting impression for the customer. As a result, that impression can influence a buyer’s purchasing decision.

Terrazzo American Girl Retail

American Girl added a bistro to engage young girls to shop and play. Terrazzo floors are added throughout the store.

We are talking about shopping malls, supermarkets, and department stores: all can benefit from installing terrazzo floors.

Durability comes with terrazzo. Especially on nights and weekends, retail stores are at their busiest. With heavy volumes of foot traffic, terrazzo remains a great solution for retail stores. Stores can create elaborate entrances and walkways that will guide customers all the way to the cash register.

Use design to create a lasting impression for the customer, encouraging them to shop again. Terrazzo is flexible in its design capabilities, giving architects and designers room to work with. A mixture of different shapes and colors can bring out the best of any retail space.

Terrazzo Flooring Design American Girl

Star designs made with brass divider strips and epoxy terrazzo.

Retail stores such as Publix and Apple have installed terrazzo floors in some locations and the results are great. Finding out ways to be better than the web is a strategy that most retail stores think about. It all starts with the physical environment. The interior, the engagement and well-trained staff all can make the customer experience work to a retail’s advantage.

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