We touched on it briefly in a past blog post, but we thought we should expand a bit more on it since many people were interested. Some of you didn’t realize how versatile a product terrazzo is, so let’s take this opportunity to show you the wide range of terrazzo applications.

Terrazzo Floors and Stairs

  • The most popular (and obvious) use for terrazzo is floors, stairs, and the like. You’ve probably seen this everywhere, from schools to airports to stores. The durability along with the design possibilities make terrazzo the absolute best choice for floors in institutional, commercial and industrial settings.
Troy University Precast Stairs

Terrazzo Walls

  • Terrazzo doesn’t stop at just being the best for floors however. More and more people are exploring the option of terrazzo WALLS. If you have a sturdy and structurally sound support system, you’re just about ready to have your terrazzo walls installed! This is a great design opportunity due to the fact that even pre-cast terrazzo can have a virtually seamless appearance. People use walls for shower rooms and even backsplashes.

Terrazzo Countertops

  • Countertops are becoming increasingly popular in the world of terrazzo. Terrazzo can certainly take a beating, so it’s perfect for a heavily used kitchen. The fact that terrazzo is resistant to bacteria makes it perfect for use in commercial kitchens that require high standards for sanitation. Add in the unique design opportunities and the use of recycled materials, terrazzo becomes the ideal choice for kitchen countertops.
Terrazzo Countertops

Other Terrazzo Applications

  • Tables, plates, artwork, cups, office supplies, wine holders: these can all be made out of terrazzo! The versatility of terrazzo allows your creativity to take on any shape; limited only by your imagination.

So, how can you use terrazzo? We think a better question would be how could you NOT? When it comes to your next project, keep an open mind for the unlimited potential of terrazzo. Have an idea but unsure whether the application is possible. Email us at info@doyledickersonterrazzo.com and Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo company representatives can help recommend ways to apply terrazzo for your projects.

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