First impressions can lead to lasting impressions. From the moment a person walks through the doors of a business, owners hope to retain customers. By providing the ultimate experience, business owners can build a better relationship with their customers. Business owners can start by focusing on a building’s interiors.

Owners can reap the benefits of terrazzo. Terrazzo offers durability, ease of maintenance and flexible design. When installed, terrazzo has a clean look, which can speak volumes about the professionalism of a company. A company that invests in the overall look of its business can slowly build trust with its customers and make them stand out from the competition.

Establishing Brand Identity with Logos

But owners can take everything to the next level by including a terrazzo logo to a floor’s design. Often we see company logos spread throughout social media, on t-shirts and marketing publications, and even company vehicles. So why not include a logo as part of the building itself? Logos can be installed in a terrazzo’s floor, walls and countertops. There is so much room for a business owner to conceptualize a design that best represents the brand.

Successful businesses take account of their brand identity. In the everchanging marketplace, there is a constant need to promote brand awareness. How memorable a customer experience is can determine if that same customer will think about your business later on.

Terrazzo Logo Designs

There are different and unique ways to work with a terrazzo design. One of the best places to include a terrazzo logo is at the entrance of a building. Even a logo in the center of a room or walkway can have a positive influence on customers. Terrazzo logos can be a company’s name in letters, a motif, or any unique combination of graphics that best represents the company.

Terrazzo logos are good for businesses because they last longer than the building itself and offer great design opportunities. Imagine a customer entering a business for the first time. After a few visits over the year, the customer states that one of the things he or she best remembers about the business is the terrazzo design. It’s a feel-good story to know that investing in something such as a terrazzo design can leave a lasting impression for someone.

Take a look at some of the artwork installed by Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo for some businesses.

Mango's Tropical Cafe terrazzo logo installed in elevator

Terrazzo logo installed inside elevator at Mango’s Tropical Cafe in Orlando, Florida

Citrus Club Terrazzo Logo

Citrus Club Terrazzo Logo surrounding bar top area of Dewberry Hotel in Columbia, SC

Koyo Terrazzo Logo lobby area

Koyo Terrazzo Logo letters in lobby area

For more information on terrazzo logos and designs, download our case study: Terrazzo Logos and Design. Visit to see more intricate designs from terrazzo contractors in the United States.

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