For the month of October, I’m proud to feature one of my favorite projects to date:

The North Carolina State University Talley Student Union!

  • North Carolina State University Student Talley Center
  • LEED School Design - North Carolina State University with terrazzo
  • North Carolina State University Terrazzo Project
  • Best Terrazzo Designs
  • Precast Terrazzo Stairs and Flooring using recycled glass materials
  • curved terrazzo staircase at NC State University Student Talley Center
  • Words on terrazzo stairs

This project combined complex details with simplicity to create a truly stunning design.

And the intricate water-jet cut is placed front and center, juxtaposed next to the simple straight lines to create an interesting focal point of the university’s seal. A pop of red, the university’s main color, was used to draw focus to particular elements, including the seal and various sitting areas.

The main stairs were precast and carefully laid to create a seamless, streamlined look to match the architecture of the building.

Elsewhere, a spiral staircase lines a bright red wall. Inlaid in a few of the stairs are words closely associated with the mission and purpose of NCSU and its students, framed with the same bright red as the wall to capture attention.

All of the elements of this design come together to create one coherent and sleek space for the students to use and enjoy.

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