Terrazzo continues to emerge onto the scene in 2017, becoming a building material trend for construction projects around the world. Terrazzo will continue to remain popular amongst architects and building professionals next year. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo will cover some of this year’s terrazzo highlights as well as showcase some of our projects completed in educational, commercial, and healthcare buildings.

Terrazzo: A Look at the Material’s Popularity

The last time terrazzo saw a huge rise in popularity was in the 1970s. Thin-set terrazzo was invented in this decade and today allows great design flexibility that delivers remarkable results. With this system, terrazzo is comprised of aggregates (marble, glass, etc) combined with an epoxy resin. This system is lightweight and thinner than other flooring systems and provides a smooth lasting surface that is easy to clean and is visually appealing. Aside from flooring, terrazzo is also commonly used for applications such as countertops, staircases, wall backsplashes, and shower stalls.

Plus the material is sustainable. Terrazzo can reuse post-consumer and post-industrial materials in its mix design.

Some recent trends in terrazzo

Venetian Terrazzo

Filmax Cinema Hall – Spain. Photo courtesy – Jose Hevia

Venetian terrazzo is a classic terrazzo style, using larger-sized aggregates in its overall terrazzo design. Also referred to as ‘Venetian seminato’, this style is seen as more artistic than standard terrazzo. As architects explore the use of terrazzo in their projects in 2017 and beyond, the Venetian style is something they may consider. This is because Venetian terrazzo complements any modern or contemporary design.

3D Printed Floors

Related image

Aectual 3D Printed Floors

3D printing technology has taken off this decade creating physical objects from a digital design. Dutch company Aectual uses 3D-printing robots to design customizable floors. The company will create an outline for Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport which will then be filled with terrazzo and polished to form a smooth seamless surface. Typically, terrazzo contractors will use a waterjet to cut pieces of materials to create detailed terrazzo designs; however, 3-D Printing is the latest technological advancement that terrazzo can use today. This technology can help process materials quickly and efficiently while allowing us to test our imagination.

Timber Terrazzo

foresso counter surface corner

Foresso Kitchen Counter. Art Direction by Conor Taylor

Terrazzo commonly uses chips of marble, glass, and shells, but what about timber? Conor Taylor, the designer of Foresso, takes wood remains and repurposes them into a material that resembles traditional terrazzo. This innovative material is later transformed into pieces of furniture such as tables and countertops.

Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo Year in Review:

From Europe to Asia, terrazzo is everywhere. Market research predicts terrazzo to continue to grow, with more schools, hospitals and airports projects expected to use the material in the next 10 years. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is a terrazzo installer that covers the Southern United States. Here are a few of Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo’s projects from 2017.

School Projects

Healthcare Projects

Government Projects