2016 was a great year for Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo. We’ve decided to recap some of this year’s highlights in the terrazzo industry and at Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo.

The Terrazzo Industry is Booming

Designers took notice of terrazzo in 2016, making it among the top flooring trends of this year. With consumers seeking greener materials to improve indoor air quality, architects and designers can agree that terrazzo made it onto their wish list this year for its aesthetic appeal, durability and sustainability. While projects will continue to include terrazzo, the material has gone from the floor and has become a cultural hit. The pattern-styled material is now an obsession in the design and fashion world as well. The material is now being considered a basis of design for clothing, cell phone cases, kitchenware and other household products.

The world received some of the finest terrazzo work done by architects and designers. Some memorable projects this year include Odette designed by Universal Design Studio and David Chipperfield’s Valentino. What really stands out between these two projects is the use of Venetian terrazzo chips. Venetian terrazzo chips are sized from 3 through 8 and really makes the terrazzo stand out in a space. Have a look for yourself:

Odette Universal Design Studio

Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo has had its fair share of terrazzo projects to complete this year. In 2016, we can truly say that we are a growing company, bringing in more project managers, superintendents and terrazzo installers to help manage these projects from start to finish. With projects in our home state of North Carolina to projects out in Florida, we have installed a good bit of terrazzo this year. As we continue to work on these projects and obtain photos to show our work, here are four projects we would like you to see over the last year.

A Year In Review:

Mango’s Tropical Cafe

Mango's Tropical Cafe Terrazzo Logo

Mango's Tropical Cafe Epoxy Terrazzo


Georgia State University Humanities Law Building

GSU Humanities Law Building Staircase


St. Jude’s Children’s Research Center – Domino’s Event Center

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Terrazzo Flooring

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Terrazzo Flooring

Johnson C. Smith University

Johnson C Smith University Terrazzo Treads

Johnson C Smith Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is a terrazzo flooring installer in Charlotte, North Carolina.  As a member of the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association, we have installed terrazzo throughout the Southern United States. Have questions? Give us a call at (704) 921-4940 or email us at info@doyledickersonterrazzo.com. When it comes to terrazzo, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is “Your Choice in Terrazzo.”

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