Design Flexibility of Terrazzo

There is so much you can design with terrazzo. Many schools tend to merge the school’s mascot on the walls or floor while using the school’s branded colors for an interactive design.

But for some instances, terrazzo can go beyond a school’s logo and colors to intrigue young minds. As students walk into a school every day, an interacting design can walk them to their next class up until the time they leave. No matter which direction students head towards, terrazzo plays an interactive role throughout the day.

They can serve as navigational guides for newcomers and visitors. Including a compass design and free-flowing lines can function towards helping people find a particular place.

Interacting Design: Moultrie Middle School Terrazzo Installation

Impact of an Interacting Design

Terrazzo is more than just a floor we walk on. They serve a greater purpose in enriching student’s lives. When designing a terrazzo floor, think about the overall impact it will have on the children. Add a bit of style to the floors so that students will look back years from now and remember their educational experience.

With the green building initiative, an interacting design influences the academic performance of each student. Now while the design of these floors is nice to look at, they are also durable and easy to support, allowing future students to revel in the remarkable design beneath their feet.

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