Campbell University of Osteopathic Medicine

Lillington, North Carolina
Area: 8, 728 sq. ft.
Scope: Epoxy Terrazzo

Campbell University Terrazzo Flooring

The design of this terrazzo floor at Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine immediately sets a contemporary vibe that is reiterated throughout the building. Curved bands of varying widths segment overlapping rectangular geometry creating a sophisticated and entertaining visual space for a professional environment.

Campbell University of Osteopathic Medicine

The color palette’s use of orange provides a bold contrast against the design’s monochromatic shades. Stylish furnishings and distinct wall accents contribute to the overall atmosphere the terrazzo design shapes for the room. The environment welcomes all students to commune to study and work together. The terrazzo floor aides in bringing people together and will last for future generations of students.

Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is the largest terrazzo installation company in the Southeastern United States. Healthcare facilities and hospitals are just one location known for adding epoxy terrazzo to lobby areas and corridors for their design, durability and low maintenance. Check out a couple of healthcare projects that used terrazzo to build an engaging environment: Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo Healthcare and Hospital Projects.

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