Back to School

Nothing is more important than a good education. With many students stepping back into the classrooms, there might be a little surprise waiting for them when they arrive. New construction projects and school renovations are adding a bit of terrazzo to their school’s floor plan, in hopes of creating an enriched learning environment for all attendees.

What is it like to open the doors of the main entrance and walk onto a terrazzo floor? For some, it can create excitement and elevate school spirits. For first-time students, it can help navigate them to the right destination. With terrazzo in place, it has the ability to change how a school looks from the lobby, hallways, restrooms, auditoriums, and cafeterias. And as a result, you can expect better academic performances throughout the year for students.


Case Study: Terrazzo for Schools

Building Upon A School’s Legacy

Terrazzo can build upon a school’s legacy. The addition of school logos in terrazzo is a great way to strengthen brand identity. Because terrazzo is not limited by design, schools can truly create a remarkable design any way they choose. Schools can side with a sleek monochromatic look or decide upon a more creative design, one that may include unique patterns, free-flowing lines or custom artwork. Especially in Elementary Schools, a creative terrazzo design can bode well with younger students. Vibrant colors and artwork can expand their cognitive skills and imagination. Terrazzo gives schools the option of creating a design that would never be seen anywhere else.

Colorful epoxy terrazzo design with acorn graphic at Carolina Park Elementary School

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Terrazzo Flooring Installation

Additonal Terrazzo Benefits for Schools

While terrazzo is sure to capture the attention of many students, terrazzo has many benefits that help the school all year long.   Many schools are installing for epoxy terrazzo at 3/8″ for its longevity and durability. Epoxy terrazzo covers large areas of space. This is helpful when students and staff are constantly walking on these floors every day throughout the year. Even with the high amounts of traffic, the floor is strong enough to prevent any damages. With minimal damages occurring, terrazzo becomes a good investment. It can even turn out to be one of the cost-saving floor options a school can choose from.

Better yet, terrazzo is easy to clean at a day’s end. And it’s simple too. Custodian staff can use a dust or damp mop to remove foreign matter from the surface. As a result, terrazzo will remain beautiful and clean every day.

We spend a good amount of time early in our lives in schools and universities. This is the place where we form our fondest memories, whether it is through making a new friend or learning something extraordinary in class. So it’s a great idea for school’s to invest in their students by selecting a floor option like terrazzo for its benefits. By the time a student graduates, they can look back at their school days and see how the school’s appearance left a lasting impression for them to carry with them throughout the rest of their lives. We wish students the very best as they head back to school.

Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is a terrazzo flooring contractor in Charlotte, North Carolina. We help general contractors and architects design magnificent terrazzo floors for schools and universities across the Southern United States. We are also a member of the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association. If you would like more information about how terrazzo can impact a school’s design, then give us a call at (704) 921-4940. We’ll help guide you in your next project.