We’re constantly tooting our own horn in regards to the durability and resilience of terrazzo floors, and believe me: we’re not going to stop any time soon. Today we’ll provide some important tips towards maintaining your floors.

But it is worth noting that in order to keep your terrazzo floors looking brand-spanking new for decades, it is important that you’re investing in the proper maintenance and care. Terrazzo may be known for its easy maintenance requirements, but that doesn’t mean you can completely ignore it!

Here are our favorite tips to keep your terrazzo floors looking like they were poured yesterday:

1 – Clear them of dust & dirt frequently

Dry mopping your terrazzo floors daily (or more frequently, if in an extremely high-traffic area) is one of the best things you can do to preserve them. Dust and dirt can scratch your floors and leave them looking dull. Plus, if it gets too bad you may need to have them repaired or replaced.

2 – During the first 3 months after installation, scrub your terrazzo floors thoroughly at least twice a week

There is such a thing as over cleaning, but these first 3 months are critical. It’s likely that there are still dust particles kicked up during construction floating around in the air and that dust will be constantly landing on your terrazzo.

3 – Use a pH neutral cleaner

After those first 3 months have elapsed, we recommend properly cleaning your terrazzo floors once a week. This requires 3 simple things: a mop, a bucket of warm water, and a neutral cleaner.

4 – Let the cleaner sit

Once you’ve applied the neutral cleaner to your terrazzo surface, you should let it sit for a short while so it can do its job and start loosening up the dirt and grime that may have accumulated on your floors over the week. Be careful and pay attention though, because you do NOT want the cleaner to dry on your floors!

5 – DO NOT use surface waxes or all-purpose cleaner

This is one of the biggest tips we have when it comes to maintaining your floors. These may appear to give your terrazzo a nice, glossy finish, but over time it can build up and leave a foggy looking film over your floors that obstructs the design. Not to mention the fact that these materials will also result in a slick surface, completely negating one of the best parts about terrazzo: the slip-resistance. It IS recommended that you seal your terrazzo floors with a water-based sealer, per the manufacturer’s instructions, of course!

There you have it, the best ways to make sure your terrazzo floors look good as new for as long as possible! Maintaining your floors has never been this easy! For more tips and information on terrazzo, check out our blog: Terrazzo Blog

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