For both commercial and residential projects, having an appealing floor is important. Appearances play a role in effecting our decision making. While some people drawn to creative designs, others prefer a more simplistic design. We want to introduce terrazzo because we believe it appeals to anybody regardless of an individual’s preferred style choice. Terrazzo has the features that can create a unique and classy look for any surface.

Selecting a Classy Flooring Choice

Today designers have many flooring options to choose from. Some designers stick with the tried and true measures such as tile, carpet or hardwood floors for certain projects, while other designers may want to experiment with some of the new flooring trends available on the market such as terrazzo, cork or bamboo. It boils down to how the flooring will tie the room together. Designers may be looking for accent colors that help a room flow or maybe looking to replace an older floor for a more modern look with added benefits like durability and ease of maintenance.

Terrazzo Design Opportunities

Terrazzo can be the flooring solution you need. There are no design limitations. If a designer wants to add a specific logo, then water jets have the ability to cut out metals precisely to include in the terrazzo design. At Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo, we help you every step of the way with precise mix design samples to allow you to get a sneak peek of what a finished floor will look like. Terrazzo is composed of some beautiful aggregates. If you are looking for sustainable materials, then we recommend chips of mirrored glass, recycled porcelain and other materials that will add value to your floor if you are seeking LEED-certified points.

Old Dominion University - Terrazzo Flooring

Elaborate terrazzo design at Old Dominion University

Determining Shine

Let’s not forget about the shine of the floor. Choosing a grit level reflects how shiny a terrazzo floor looks. A low grit polish level provides less gloss, which can create a more casual space. In contrast, a high grit polish level provides more gloss, which can create a more formal space.

If you are in charge of designing a floor, you probably want a floor that is able to withstand the wear and tear from high-foot traffic. Also, you probably will factor in the cost and time to maintain the floors. Terrazzo provides all these benefits. Make a school, hospital, restaurant or community center an elegant place with terrazzo.

ECU Seamless Terrazzo

Classy and glossy appearance at ECU

Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is an experienced contractor in all facets of terrazzo including; poured in place cement and thin-set epoxy terrazzo systems as well as all precast terrazzo material installations. If you seek professional installation help with a future commercial project, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo can offer its services to you. Please reach out to a Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo representative at (704) 921-4940 or When it comes to terrazzo, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is “Your Choice in Terrazzo.”

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