In this blog, we will discuss how to maintain a rustic terrazzo floor over the years. Rustic terrazzo is a unique terrazzo system that is installed for exterior applications, quite different from the terrazzo systems which are installed indoors. You can read more about this system in an earlier blog: “What is Rustic Terrazzo”

Rustic Terrazzo

When it comes down to cleaning, it is important to remove any dust particles or other residues.  With rustic terrazzo installed outside, the flooring system is more susceptible to different objects. Tree branches, pebbles and dirt particles can entrench a rustic terrazzo floor and can affect the overall appearance of these floors are not maintained. To maintain these floors, you can remove large materials by hand or sometimes with an air blower.  The floor can also be cleaned using any terrazzo machines that will scrub the surface with water and a non-acidic cleaner. Continue rinsing the terrazzo surface with water to make sure you remove most of the residue. Afterward, wait for the rustic terrazzo to dry.  When cleaning any terrazzo surface, stray away from cleaners that go beyond a neutral pH level.

Eventually, an installer will need to reapply the sealer. When installers apply a sealer to any terrazzo floor, they are adding an extra layer of protection. This helps prevent the matter from coming into contact with the terrazzo aggregates and/or matrix. By recoating the rustic terrazzo surface with a new sealer, one can maintain the aesthetic appearance of the flooring system for years. Consult a local terrazzo contractor to learn how often you need to apply a new sealer.

Some rustic terrazzo applications include outdoor swimming pools, patios, walkways, and garages. While there are many creative ways to use rustic terrazzo, the one thing to remember is that terrazzo can last into the next century but it all depends on how well one maintains the surface over time.

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