At the moment, terrazzo is a popular building material that adds value to contemporary spaces. Commonly used in commercial buildings like schools and hospitals, terrazzo is creating waves around the world. Even today’s homes are starting to use terrazzo in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. There are many reasons to fall in love with terrazzo.

Environmental Impact

One of the reasons why terrazzo is becoming wide-known around the world is due to its positive impact on the environment. Terrazzo surfaces can provide a green solution for architects for their projects, which in return can contribute to LEED certification points. With concerns about reducing waste and improving overall health, terrazzo addresses these needs with its VOC-free content and recycled content. Researchers continuously test epoxy resins to further improve indoor air quality. The reuse of post-consumer glass or porcelain in the terrazzo mix design helps to conserve the Earth’s resources without lessening the quality and design of the material.

Many Applications

Think terrazzo is limited to flooring? Although terrazzo is known for producing seamless and durable flooring, it extends to other applications such as countertops, wall panels, stairs, showers, and furniture. The material has a longer life cycle compared to other building materials; therefore, it is very cost-effective to use for such surfaces.

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Endless Design Possibilities

Terrazzo provides a wide selection of colors and patterns that other flooring types cannot replicate. Architects and designers can really create their own style with terrazzo, going as far to include graphics into the design. Whether a designer decides to use a single color throughout the flooring or a collection of vibrant colors is all under his or her control. The material is so popular that people have incorporated the design into non-flooring products. These products include cell phone cases, pillows, clothing, and other accessories. With the widespread use of this design, it’s hard not to fall in love with terrazzo.

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