When it comes time to remodel a building, there are many factors to consider. One factor to consider is sustainability. While giving a space an updated look is important, so is looking at materials that have a greater focus on our health and our environment. Here are three eco-friendly tips to think about:

Tip #1: Look for recycled materials

When choosing a recycled material for your home or architectural project, you can help the environment. Using a material like terrazzo or other material that consists mostly of recycled content can not only preserve virgin materials but keep these materials away from landfills. Also, you are not compromising appearance when using recycled materials. Many materials are pleasantly appealing. Take for instance, terrazzo. Terrazzo can be made from post-consumer materials like porcelain or glass and can be mixed with other materials like granite, quartz and marble to create any design possible.

If you are an architect working on an upcoming project, using recycled materials can contribute to LEED certification.

Tip #2: Find new use for interior pieces

When redesigning a space, not everything has to be entirely new. Today interior designs and artists can take an old piece of furniture or household items and add new purpose for these items. All it takes is a bit of creativity. Not that creative? No problem. Today you can find many secondhand shops that make use of older materials. They craft and sell high-quality products to the general public.

Tip #3: Use regionally-sourced materials for your remodeling project.

LEED credits can also be awarded to architects and contractors that use locally-sourced materials that are within 500 miles of the project’s site. Overall, this helps reduce the carbon footprint of transferred materials from one location to another. When people think of sustainable products, they often look at attributes like VOC levels or recycled content, but it is also important to take into consideration the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced through the transportation methods.

Other things to consider are insulation, energy-efficient appliances and using solar energy to help keep costs down, but overall you can increase the value of your project by reusing materials and locating high-quality recycled materials.

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