When it comes to commercial flooring, designers must consider new trends that bring together durability, aesthetics and maintenance. Let’s take a look at some of the recent trends in commercial flooring:


A material dear to our hearts, terrazzo is emerging as a popular material for architects and designers. Known for its low maintenance and long life cycle, terrazzo is beneficial for commercial spaces. It’s quite an attractive flooring style, with the ability to incorporate intricate designs and beautiful stones. Today terrazzo is commonly seen in lobbies or open spaces for hospitals, schools and airports. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo truly expects terrazzo to remain a valuable commodity for architects for future projects.

Green Materials

Terrazzo is a green building material. Today there is a shift in developing sustainable buildings. As such, materials like terrazzo, bamboo, polished concrete and other green materials are heavily sought after. There are many options to consider, each contributing to LEED points. Furthermore, architects can earn LEED points for selecting materials that are locally sourced and installing materials that have a positive impact on the environment.

High Quality

There is the phrase, “you get what you paid for.” Today, architects and designers must focus on the quality of a floor over features like overall cost. Some materials do have a high initial cost, but there is a long-term benefit with these flooring types. One of these benefits is the overall maintenance and repairs. Choosing a less expensive floor may actually add additional costs over the years if the material somehow becomes damaged.

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete looks similar to terrazzo, and is another trend in commercial flooring. Like terrazzo, it is ideal for areas with high foot traffic and is cost-effective over the years. Polished concrete can reflect light and can easily transform a commercial area.

Luxury Vinyl

With new technological advances, vinyl can look like other flooring options but at an affordable price. They are also a much thinner and softer material. Like terrazzo, the material has unique designs for the commercial space. For example, vinyl has the ability to add different textures and colors to create a unique appeal.

Colors and Graphics

Need to match a floor to a specific color or logo? Today commercial buildings can include different geometric shapes, bold colors, or personalized graphics. Materials like terrazzo can take an architect’s idea and bring a floor to life with ease. You won’t be able to find these features with some of the traditional flooring options.

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