Predicting the Terrazzo Industry in Five Years

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Where do you see yourself in five years? You may have been asked this question in a job interview, on a date or maybe in a survey, but it remains one of the most-asked questions regarding the future. To be honest, it can be one of the most difficult questions to answer. Sure we all have thought about what the future may hold, but at the moment those thoughts are wishful thinking, a line between what we hope will materialize and what may actually occur. This blog focuses on our predictions for the terrazzo industry over the next five years.

Current Outlook

Terrazzo is among the flooring trends currently on the rise. Architects and designers have frequently used the material for flooring, countertops, and wall panels in both residential and commercial projects. Known for being one of the first “green” building materials, terrazzo has many benefits that contribute to LEED points. These benefits include the material’s zero VOC content, which helps improve indoor air quality, and its use of recycled materials, which helps reduce environmental waste. Features such as terrazzo’s high durability, easy maintenance, stain resistance, and customized design have all factored in the increasing popularity of terrazzo.

CNU - Terrazzo Flooring

With sustainable design being a focus for architects today, terrazzo is a desired green product. Terrazzo has this connotation for being a material made for kings and queen, or even outdated. Yes, terrazzo is commonly found in celebrity homes and famous landmarks, but that perception has also been changed. The stigma is that a terrazzo installation is expensive compared to other flooring types, which can be true; however, there is now a realization that terrazzo is a cost-effective option over the years. Terrazzo is affordable because it is inexpensive to produce and requires fewer maintenance costs over the product’s lifecycle. Now hospitals, schools, restaurants, and hotels have started transitioning to replace materials like ceramic tiles, vinyl, and carpet with terrazzo.

Predicted Outlook

In five years, terrazzo will remain a competitive product for architects and interior designers to use. Recent technological advancements have allowed terrazzo companies to develop better methods for installation, environmentally-friendly terrazzo products, and innovative designs that are will surely attract the commercial sector. Currently, institutional buildings such as universities and K-12 schools dominate the majority of terrazzo projects. Schools can use terrazzo for beautiful school logos, to help combat high-foot-traffic areas and contribute to higher academic performances.

In five years, expect more architectural projects to include terrazzo for flooring, countertops, staircases or wall panels with educational institutions still leading the numbers. Hospitals, airports, and retail stores should see an increased amount of terrazzo installations as well. Don’t be surprised if sports stadiums, local movie theaters, or even your corporate office start incorporating terrazzo in the next five years. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo truly believes it’s an exciting time for the terrazzo industry today and in the future.

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