• North Carolina State University logo in epoxy terrazzo
  • North Carolina State University Terrazzo Flooring with NCSU emblem
  • Precast terrazzo stairs and NCSU logo
  • Three flights of precast terrazzo stairs at NCSU Talley Student Center
  • Spiral precast terrazzo tread and riser staircase at North Carolina State University


Raleigh, North Carolina


Rodgers Builders, Inc.


Duda Paine Architects LLP

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The Talley Student Center at North Carolina State University received additions and renovations to its four-story facility. Student centers act as hubs for student activity and can really allow students to connect more with the campus and the community. 20,210 square feet of epoxy terrazzo was installed by Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo. The highlight of the terrazzo floor is the school’s logo of the Memorial Tower. Other highlights of this project include the tread and riser combo staircases that guide students to study rooms and activity rooms. Using a 800 grit level polish, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo manages to design the floor matching the school’s colors of red, black and gray with epoxy. The terrazzo floor uses a combination of recycled glass aggregates and natural white marble stones into the epoxy mix. Another interesting aspect of this project is the values imprinted on the precast terrazzo steps when students commute to the upper floors.

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