• Georgia State University
  • Classic Precast Terrazzo Stair Treads and Risers at Georgia State University
  • White Precast Terrazzo Stair Treads at Georgia State University
  • Students studying in the new Humanities Law Building at GSU installed with terrazzo flooring
  • White and black thin-set epoxy terrazzo flooring at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia


Atlanta, Georgia


McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.


Stevens & Wilkinson GA, Inc.

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The Humanities Law Building at Georgia State University features different sustainable elements, including the terrazzo flooring installed by Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo. Other features included a green roof and magnetic drive chillers, all to support an inviting atmosphere for an increasing number of students attending the Georgia State University Law program. Over 30,655 square feet of epoxy terrazzo flooring, terrazzo precast tread and risers, terrazzo precast cove bases and a customized precast bench was all installed at the Georgia State University. The highlight of this project is the beautiful staircases in multiple areas of the building. Using a 220 level grit polish, the terrazzo floor are primarily white with a mixture of white stones from Georgia and recycled black and brown glass aggregates. With the increasing population of students enrolling in the Law program, it was essential that the university choose a durable and seamless flooring type like terrazzo.

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