• Florida Atlantic University Terrazzo Flooring Installation
  • Florida Atlantic University Interior Design with terrazzo flooring
  • Colorful epoxy terrazzo floor at dorm hall at Florida Atlantic University
  • Divider strips diving colors in the terrazzo floor design at Florida Atlantic University


Boca Raton, Florida


Cummings – Balfour Beatty JV



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Dorms act as second homes for students. At Florida Atlantic University, terrazzo flooring contractor Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo added terrazzo flooring to the interior of Parliament Hall. The 600-bed freshman residence hall has a modern and spacious lobby area, using epoxy resins that match with the school’s colors. 2,410 square feet of epoxy terrazzo was poured in place. Mostly using recycled materials such as one sided mirror and clear glass and for aggregates, this building strives to create a sustainable environment for students to live and learn. Terrazzo is a great product for architects as it has low VOC adhesives, can be designed in any way imaginable and has long-term durability that will guarantee that the terrazzo floors will last for generations to come. It is exciting to know that the terrazzo floor design can leave a lasting memory for current and future students at Florida Atlantic University.

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