• Petersburg Multi-Model Transit Center Terrazzo Installation
  • Grey terrazzo floors with traintrack graphic in waiting area of Petersburg Transit Center
  • Gray terrazzo flooring in waiting lounge of St. Petersburg Multi-Modal Transit Center
  • Gray terrazzo floors at St. Petersburg Multi-Transport Transit Center
  • Town of Petersburg brass seal in terrazzo
  • Washington Street Station brass seal in terrazzo


Petersburg, Virginia


WM Schlosser Company, Inc.


Wendel Duchscherer Architects & Engineering, Inc.

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When the construction of the Petersburg Multi-Modal Transit Center was completed, the building transitioned from an inefficient transportation hub to a high-class facility with special finishes that include terrazzo floors, metal ceilings and zinc hand rails. Today the transit center serves as a safe and efficient location for commuters. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo installed a seamless gray terrazzo floor throughout the facility using black and gray marble chips for aggregates. Precast terrazzo tread and riser combo stairs were also added as a durable surface for the Petersburg Multi-Modal Transit Center. As commuters travel from point A to point B, their eyes catch a glimpse of the many brass artwork designed by the design professionals at Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo. The imagery is symbolic of the culture that surrounds the town of Petersburg, Virginia. The brass designs include the town seal, Hustings Courthouse and Washington Street Station. A water jet can cut any piece of metal to created detailed designs for a terrazzo flooring. The architects who invest in LEED-certified buildings are also the same people in investing in the well-being and efficiency a building can have on its people.

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