Installing a Terrazzo Design: Carolina Park Elementary School

Carolina Park Elementary School is a new construction project involving the installation of an elaborate terrazzo design. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo installed the terrazzo floor, which illustrates images of a tree with acorns hanging from the branches. The floor is an example of the design possibilities of epoxy terrazzo. Today schools consider epoxy terrazzo not only [...]

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The Designs You Can Create With Terrazzo

Terrazzo flooring is known for its timeless beauty. The material is vibrant, glossy and colorful. Architects today love using terrazzo for their projects because they have so much flexibility in planning the floor's design. They can use materials such as marble and granite chips, Mother of Pearl or even glass chips to create a design never [...]

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Wayfinding: Finding Your Way with Terrazzo

Each person "knows" their way around a building. However, for first-time visitors, learning how to navigate throughout a space can leave them confused and frustrated. Wayfinding Systems To get people from point A to point B, buildings today use wayfinding systems, making it more convenient for anyone to reach their destination. In fact, wayfinding systems [...]

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Why Designers are Using Terrazzo

Take a look around you. Today terrazzo is emerging not only in our homes but in commercial areas such as restaurants, airports, and schools. Some folks may not have experienced how fascinating terrazzo can really be. Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo is here to provide this experience. For architects and designers, using terrazzo gives them exponential ideas to [...]

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Terrazzo Gifts for the Holiday Season

With a few weeks to go until Christmas, some people are scrambling to find last-minute gifts for their loved ones. Whether you could not find the best deals this holiday season or are simply stumped on what to get someone, Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo has got a few gift ideas that will make this Christmas a holiday [...]

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Terrazzo Restroom Installations

When you think of terrazzo, installing them in restrooms is not the first thing that comes to mind. But make no mistake, restrooms leave a lasting impression whether you are a sports fan taking a restroom break during halftime at a sports venue or a traveler making a pit stop after getting off a plane. Terrazzo provides [...]

10 University Terrazzo Logos You Should See

Getting into a university is a milestone in itself. For students, their career outlook seems bright as they walk the hallways of their prestigious universities. As a result, universities across the world are finding ways to create the most engaging atmosphere for its faculty and students. Most universities have turned to terrazzo flooring contractors to [...]

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Top 3 Design Elements That Make Your Terrazzo Beautiful

I've repeated it more times than I can count and I'm sure not to stop any time soon: terrazzo offers limitless design possibilities. But how? I haven't really gone into detail on what makes this so, which is what prompted this particular post. I obviously can't expect anyone to just take my word for it, [...]

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