When did terrazzo become the best?

Terrazzo provides an advanced, modern look to just about any space. With its contemporary usage, it is surprising to learn that the history of terrazzo dates back to the 15th Century at the start of the Italian Renaissance.

Terrazzo was originally developed by Venetian construction workers as cost-effective flooring that made use of reused marble chips set in clay and sealed with goat’s milk. Fascinating start to this unique building material don’t you think? Today terrazzo remains a durable and beautiful medium for architects and artists to explore limitless design possibilities.

Terrazzo Timeline

The outstanding potential of terrazzo has persisted even to today, honed and refined by modern tools and techniques. With an expanded horizon of custom color options and an average life-cycle of over 75 years, it’s more apparent than ever before that epoxy terrazzo is your best flooring choice.

American Girl Southpark Mall

Cost-effective. Durable. Beautiful. Since its beginnings, terrazzo has and will always be one of the best building materials to consider for institutional, commercial and industrial projects.

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