Who uses terrazzo?

Plenty of people think terrazzo flooring is only for large, public buildings, but we’re here to tell you that simply isn’t the case.

Sure, the durable nature of terrazzo makes it a perfect choice for high traffic areas like schools, banks, or airports, but that same durability makes it a viable option for private residences or even an outdoor oasis.

There’s simply no reason to limit your foyer to the same old hardwood floors that everyone else is using; they scratch easily and are expensive to properly maintain. There are more options for your countertops other than granite.

Homeowners who choose terrazzo can have completely different, custom pieces of art that are sure to wow guests the second they step inside. The plus side? Terrazzo requires minimal maintenance and lasts almost forever.

There’s no reason to stop with interiors, either. Rustic terrazzo adds the perfect touch to any outdoor living space. The textured surface not only gives it a unique look but makes it skid resistant—perfect for use around a pool!

So, the answer to “who uses terrazzo?”

Simple: Everyone who wants to.

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Pelion High School with flower terrazzo design in lobby area

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