Top 3 Design Elements of Terrazzo

I’ve repeated it more times than I can count and I’m sure not to stop any time soon: terrazzo offers limitless design possibilities.

But how? I haven’t really gone into detail on what makes this so, which is what prompted this particular post.

I obviously can’t expect anyone to just take my word for it, so here’s just a few ways you can use to make sure you’re taking complete advantage of the potential in terrazzo!


Terrazzo floor details

Divider strips

Divider strips serve a functional purpose, but they’re also useful for form. Use divider strips to separate colors and create clean lines. You can also use them to form some logos and other images.

Design Flexibility

Epoxy terrazzo floors can be designed in virtually any shape. The epoxy matrix does not expand or contract with temperature changes, so use it however you want. This is perfect whether your looking for a straight, geometric design or a flowing, rounded design. Create a template of sorts using the divider strips mentioned above or a more intricate design using a water-jet, then just pour the terrazzo in place.


Epoxy terrazzo can be formulated to any color you can imagine. It can be matched to an existing element in your design or it can be mixed completely from scratch.



Take this list and check out our Tips for Designing Terrazzo Floors and you’ll be on your way to a one of a kind piece of art in the form of terrazzo. Hope you enjoyed learning about the top 3 design elements of terrazzo. Check back with Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo for more details on terrazzo flooring.

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