One of the most distinguishing features of terrazzo?

The shine.

But what exactly gives terrazzo its signature shine? It seems like most people out there are under the impression that it’s the sealer that shines, but the real reason?

The polish level.

You can have the world’s greatest sealer on your terrazzo; if your grit level isn’t right, you won’t ever achieve the sheen of your dreams. Here are just a few pointers to help you decide on the perfect polish grit level for your terrazzo system:

1 – Consider Resin Color

If your system is composed mainly of deep, bold matrix colors like black or navy blue, my team of experts recommends a minimum polish level of 400 grit. Lighter resins give you a little more room and you can stick with a standard grit level of 120.

2 – Consider Chips

Whatever aggregates you choose to use in your terrazzo system will also determine your polish level. If you are planning on using glass aggregates, my team once again recommends a grit level no lower than 400, since the glass polishes at a different rate than its marble counterparts. This same concept applies to other materials, as well.

3 – Consider Shine

This one may seem pretty obvious, but it really is the most important factor in deciding on a polish level. Exactly how much would you like for your floor to shine? If you’re after a matte appearance, the minimum level of 120 would be great. If you’re going for an almost mirror-like shine, a 1,000 level grit or higher would be ideal. It is worth mentioning that the higher your polish level, the more slippery your floor will be. So, if you’re going for slip resistance, stick to those lower levels.

Next time you’re wondering what polish level to include in your specifications, just come back to these three simple tips and it should be simple! There’s nothing like a terrazzo shine.

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