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One of the best things about terrazzo is how easy it is to maintain. We’ve already gushed about this in a previous blog post

Sometimes though, if terrazzo has not been properly maintained, it can fall into disrepair and is beyond a simple fix. Terrazzo terrors can even be costly if not properly maintained.

That’s where terrazzo restoration and repair come in!

Any good terrazzo contractor will be extremely skilled in these areas, so it shouldn’t be hard to find someone to get the job done. If you can, find the original contractor to make the fixes – they’ll know exactly what you need and should be able to ease any headaches that may arise with little effort.

So when should you look into terrazzo restoration?

Dull Finish

This is a really simple fix. Simply call your terrazzo contractor to come re-finish the floor with a grinder or similar equipment. Problem solved!

Chips and cracks

Another rather easy fix. Your terrazzo contractor will just need to max an epoxy fill to the existing floor and then pick the matching aggregates. They will carefully fill in each mistake and, if done properly, it will look completely seamless–like there was never a mistake at all! This is where using your original terrazzo contractor would come in handy: they should have the mix design already on file, so no pesky matching process.

Broken Terrazzo

Sometimes, improperly cared for terrazzo can break off in chunks. This is a safety hazard as well as an eye-sore, so terrazzo restoration is extremely recommended. To fix this problem, your contractor will go through a similar process as listed above, but it will be more involved depending on the size of the breaks. Once again, it is recommended to use your original terrazzo contractor to do the work, unless of course you believe it was their poor craft the resulted in the breaks

Terrazzo may be extremely durable, but even it needs a little TLC! Use these three signs you should have your terrazzo restored! If you are not intending you use your original contractor, we here are Doyle Dickerson terrazzo are ready and willing to do the work for you!