Terrazzo benefits hospitals around the world. With its durability, ease of maintenance, and resistance to bacteria, it serves as a great flooring option.

Doctors, patients, and visitors add up to the high levels of foot traffic daily. We all know that hospitals remain busy at all times. As a result, busy places require a durable floor. That is why many hospitals have turned to terrazzo as a solution. Terrazzo floors are a cost-effective option for hospitals with an average lifespan of 75 years. Because of the durability of terrazzo, little repair is needed within a life cycle. These floors are built to last and meet the ADA recommendations for slip-resistant floors.

CMC Levine Center Terrazzo Flooring

CMC Levine Center

Cleaning up a terrazzo floor is easy. Really easy. No scrubbing. No Waxing. All a person needs is a bucket of warm water and a mop. Simple enough. With a little wipe down, the floors will be restored to its original shining state. At times the occasional scrubbing in areas like an entrance lobby or restroom may be needed.

Everybody expects hospitals to be clean. That includes preventing the spread of germs. The great thing about terrazzo is that it is also bacteria resistant. No need to worry about dirty grouts, where bacteria usually formulate. Terrazzo is seamless. In regards to wax, people think the product will add to the floor’s shininess but in actuality, it creates more problems. We advise not to use wax. Sure, wax can give a floor a shine, but wax also creates a build-up of bacteria. Instead of using wax, use a higher polish to receive the desired results.

Terrazzo is also flexible in design. The design flexibility works well for children’s hospitals, creating a fun and relaxing atmosphere to emerge in. Imagine all the shapes, colors and patterns you can choose from that will create an appropriate environment for children. Terrazzo can really set a tone for any place. For a children’s hospital, we recommend bright colors and playful images like animals that will simply amaze kids. Let’s face it. Children can be terrified of a doctor’s visit. Creating a suitable environment where children can feel comfortable, hopeful, and happy is essential. For adults, terrazzo may be just a floor, but for children, it can become something entirely fascinating.

Terrazzo Womens and Childrens Hospital

USA Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Terrazzo also creates comfort for patients. The floor helps ease patients in and out of the hospital. For flooring materials like carpet and tiles, bumpy joints frustrate patients. Terrazzo floors provide a smooth finish that will benefit patients who use wheelchairs or crutches. Overall, terrazzo helps promote healing for patients and can improve a patient’s experience with each visit.

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