From the time the bell rings in the morning, millions of students travel down crowded hallways to reach their class. That is a lot of traffic for one school to take, which can wear down a floor over time. Education systems are now switching over to a more durable flooring option: terrazzo.

Lakeside Junior High School Terrazzo

Lakeside Junior High School – Springdale, AR

Due to the durability of terrazzo, the material makes it ideal for high-foot traffic areas such as schools. Terrazzo can be used for classrooms, cafeterias and hallways. One thing is for sure – terrazzo makes for a beautiful and memorable entrance.

Imagine a child’s first day of class, a tour group browsing their prospective universities, or even prom, terrazzo has the design capability to captivate us. The school’s logo can be created with terrazzo, down to the finest details. So whether it be the intricate design or the shine that comes along with a terrazzo floor, its a floor that can differentiate a school from other schools and even boost school spirit.

ECU Pirate Terrazzo Logo

ECU Pirate logo installed with epoxy terrazzo

As the students roam about, they may not know what the floors are made of, but they will appreciate the view.

Studies have indicated that choosing the right design can influence a student’s overall learning and health. We all know that parents want their child to bring home good grades, so installing a terrazzo floor can have a long-term effect on how students learn in their school environment.

Carpet and vinyl are the common flooring choices in most educational facilities because of their low initial cost, but they can be a risk to a student’s health, not to mention they require frequent replacements over time. Caret and vinyl are susceptible to pollutants such as dust and mold, which will impact the overall air quality. Try terrazzo instead because it is VOC-free and bacteria resistant. By establishing a setting that is both beautiful and health conscious, students learn better.

As mentioned before, carpet and vinyl may require frequent replacements. On the other hand, one of terrazzo’s features includes its life-cycle cost. Terrazzo does have a high initial cost that may drive decision makers away, but let’s break down the issue of cost. 1) Terrazzo can last up to 75 years with proper care, making it one of the best durable floors available 2) Terrazzo has extremely low frequency in floor repairs based on its low risk of cracking, fragility, and resistance to chemicals and water damage. These features make terrazzo a cost-effective flooring choice. With the proper maintenance required for terrazzo floors, schools can build a strong foundation for years to come. Different generations of children will have the opportunity to experience this remarkable style.

Keep schools spirits high and maintenance cost low when opting to choose terrazzo floors.

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