Terrazzo Lifting Off

If you ever saw Home Alone, then you probably remember the scene where the McAlister family runs down the corridor aisles to make their flight on time.  When people are in a rush to reach a destination, they may not take the time to appreciate the floor beneath their feet. Gone are those days. Airport design is different than it was twenty years ago. With airports installing terrazzo floors, travelers have started to take notice.

In this era, there is a focus by airlines to improve the traveler’s experience. Flying used to be a relaxing experience; however, these days customers are frustrated. Increased security measures, canceled flights, and long check-in lines are the common complaints that create an unpleasant experience.


Airports have concentrated on ensuring each customer has a pleasant experience. This includes providing a variety of in-flight amenities, offering plenty of restaurants and shops, and training staff to be courteous.  Some airports have gone as far as redesigning its interiors.

Terrazzo has had an impact on the design of airports recently. Miami International Airport, Phoenix International Airport, and Pittsburgh International Airport have upgraded its floors with terrazzo. Charlotte Douglas International Airport recently announced its plan to renovate its building with goals of redefining what an airport should look like.

Epoxy Terrazzo Airport

Epoxy Terrazzo flooring completed at NW Arkansas Regional Airport

Improved travel experience

From the moment a traveler arrives at the airport to the time they have reached his or her destination, airports are dedicated to keeping their customers happy. With the installation of terrazzo in many of these airports, it not only enhances the appearance of the place but brings new life to the customer experience. Architects have used terrazzo for its design flexibility, which allows designers to create graphics that represent the city. Terrazzo is really a work of art. The combination of geometric shapes and color can display anything and create a comforting feeling.

Terrazzo Artwork Ft Lauderdale Airport

Stingray design made with terrazzo at Fort Lauderdale International Airport, representing the sea life surrounding the city.

Long-term benefits

Terrazzo is also durable. As a result, the material is ideal for high-foot-traffic areas especially airports where each location remains busy all year long.  With millions of travelers flying every year, these floors are built to last.

What makes terrazzo worth investing in is its ease of maintenance.  All one needs is a bucket of warm water and a mop, and the terrazzo floor will look as good as new. By properly maintaining the terrazzo floor, airports can save in overall repair costs. Terrazzo floors can last around 75 years, making a cost-effective option over time compared to carpet and tiles, which may require the occasional repair.

Terrazzo is a superior flooring option in terms of its design, flexibility, and integration with existing construction elements. It truly provides a quality finish.

If you are looking to learn more about how terrazzo influences airport design, then download our case study: Terrazzo in Airports

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